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Can’t Wait For ‘Wind and Truth’

I’ve been a great Brandon Sanderson fan, and probably have read most of his books (and there are a lot of them!). I can’t wait to read his next book in The Stormlight Archive series, Wind and Truth.
Can’t Wait For ‘Wind and Truth’
The cover for the exclusive edition from Waterstones.

I was looking into my reading list today and was pleasantly surprised that I read Sanderson’s The Way of Kings, the first book of The Stormlight Archive series, in 2014. I always thought I started the series around 2016 after I moved to the UK. But apparently, I’ve been an avid fan, even back in Turkey. Starting with his last three books in The Wheel of Time series of Robert Jordan.

I’ve read his The Reckoners series, Mistborn series (both eras), Skyward series, and his independent books like Snapshot and Elantris. Although I love all those series, Stormlight books are very dear to me. The way he unfolds the psychology of the characters, the imperfections in them, challenging the standard view of the heroism of ‘it just comes to you’ by laying the characters’ souls bare, and how he weaves them into the books is incredible.

Kaladin’s pain is as tangible and familiar as my own. Shallan’s struggles with his past and how she built walls around her are very relatable. The way Dalinar stumbles in life to discover “the most important step a man can take is the next one” is a pure work of art.

But my favourite character by far is Adolin. The way he holds himself unapologetically and confidently, the greatness of his skill, and the humbleness of his character despite the difficulties of his upbringing are so excellent to read. True, he’s very pompous and privileged, but he is also very sincere, righteous, and uncorrupted.

I’ve been waiting for the Wind and Truth but also dreading it. Despite Sanderson being a machine, it takes him 2-3 years to write one of these books, and he’ll take almost a 5-year break until the next book. Considering it’s been ten years since the release of The Way of Kings (fucking hell!), I’ll probably be 50 years old by the time I finish reading the series.

I recently read all four to prepare for the next book’s release for a fresh memory of the events. Maybe I should’ve waited, though. There are five more months until the release!