It's been increasingly frustrated that my Logitech MX Anywhere 2S stopped working properly on my macOS Catalina. Sometimes it would stop doing certain commands, and a simple switching off and on would work. But lately, even that solution stopped working.


I'm not using it in an overly-tweaked way, I just have a few simple commands that I'd like to give from my mouse (move screen left/right, app switcher, etc.). But sometimes it would stop doing "move screen left/right" and only solution would be switching the mouse off and then on, until last few days.

I thought it was because the mouse was low on battery, so I charged it, to no avail. Logitech Options software wasn't recognising mouse properly, so I thought, maybe that's where the issue is. Apparently I was right: Because of Catalina's improved privacy settings, Logitech Options wasn't working correctly and failing to recognise the mouse.


To fix that, you'll need to go to follow these steps:

  • Open Security and Privacy under System Preferences
  • Find Input Monitoring and click on it
  • Click the lock icon to enable editing, if it's greyed out
  • If "Logi Options Daemon" doesn't show up, click "+"
  • Search for "Logi Options Daemon", select it, click Open
  • Make sure you see "Logi Options Daemon" as checked
  • Restart your Mac

Here's the screen to find the daemon:

That should solve it, even with the annoying "restart" bit. Here's the final screen:

Let me know in the comments if you find a better way!