Working From Home Tricks: 1 - Mute/Unmute Your Mac Microphone Easily

I know I'm a bit late to WFH tips & tricks train, but I just wanted to put in my two-pence on what I do and how do I keep my sanity in the very busy hours working days.

I mostly use Teams when I'm WFH, but occasionally I receive some meeting invites via Zoom or Google Meet. The biggest trouble of these tools is that there's no unified way to mute/unmute across apps and not all of those provide global shortcuts. Also, not every app remembers your settings, so when you join a meeting while settling down on your chair, you can make some unfortunate sounds.

To that end, I was looking up scripts and apps to do that cross-app, but I found something better: Mutify.

Mutify is an app, that mutes/unmutes your microphone by enabling/disabling it rather than doing it on the app level. It has its own global shortcut (Command + Shift + M) that you can configure and the best feature of this tiny app is that it has a button on the control strip section of the Macbook Pro touch bar, letting you toggle your mic with a touch of it. It also shows the muted/unmuted state on both menu bar and touch bar, with a red/white icon.

It's just $4.99 and it's been a great addition to my flow, easing up the pain of many meetings. You can download it from its website:

Here's a screenshot of my touch bar (focus on the control strip on the right hand side):

Unmuted icon of Mutify
Muted icon of Mutify

Here's a screenshot of Mutify's app home page: