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MRI Compatible Face Masks in the UK

MRI Compatible Face Masks in the UK
Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko / Unsplash

I was looking this up today, to find FFP2 or FFP3 face masks (or respirators as they call it) to use within an MRI machine. Because of how MRI machines affect the metals, even the smallest ones, you can’t use a regular face mask during a scan. Even if you remove the nose bridge metal (which would render the seal useless), some masks are embedded with silver particles to help with effectiveness. They can heat up on a machine and burn your face.

For that, I found ReadiMask to be the most practical, but it’s not sold in the UK. So, I had to seek alternatives.

The link below is an excellent article on which respirators are MRI compatible, and because they sell them, they put the links into the article as well.

​Stay Protected: How to Choose a Safe Face Mask for MRI, CT and X-Ray Scans
Learn about the importance of MRI-safe face masks and what to look for when choosing one. Keep yourself safe and comfortable during your MRI scan with our guide

I ordered both Easimask FSM18 and Moldex 3250, which both are FFP3, and will do a fit test at home to see which one is more comfortable. Links for those are below for easy access.

Easimask FSM18 FFP3 Unvalved Cup Shape Face Mask - MRI Safe
Easimask FSM18 FFP3 Unvalved Face Mask provides MRI Safe FFP3 protection and is strong and durable. It features an adjustable strap, is latex, fibreglass and metal free and has Type IIR splash resistance. Each mask is individually sealed for safety.
Moldex 3250 FFP3 Unvalved Face Mask - Small Size
The Moldex 3250 FFP3 face mask is an unvalved respirator designed for small faces, using an Activform seal to ensure it fits well. Shop at the Face Mask Store.