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Passed AZ-300 Exam!

As I took on the challenge on my previous post, I had my AZ-300 exam yesterday and passed.

Even though I knew it would be difficult beforehand, it was still quite a shock. Three hours is quite tiring and trying for a normal test but looking to a screen under strong light and smell of damp (the test centre I used was horrible, had a terrible headache afterwards for hours) makes it like an end-game boss-fight.

Anyway, it is difficult but certainly doable, especially if you have good knowledge around VMs and VNETs. This was the most challenging part for me; as a developer I do have a good grasp of PaaS and SaaS components even VM configurations, but VNETs and network components like Virtual Appliances are not my strongest suit.

I know the NDA doesn't let me talk about the questions but here's some vague info on the exam:

  • I got around 55 questions, most of these questions were around VMs and VNETs. There were even some case study related questions.
  • There were 2 hands-on labs where you need to achieve 10-12 tasks per lab using Azure Portal or Azure Cloud Shell. Doesn't really matter which you choose, it's the result that matters.
  • The labs were the most time consuming parts of the exam. Three hours was just enough to do it but may take longer actually.

The next exam is AZ-301: Microsoft Azure Architect Design, which actually even has a more broader scope. From the subtle details of Azure AD to building a secure data platform, that's a lot of ground to cover.

Will be posting updates on that.