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The American Date Format Is Dangerous

The American Date Format Is Dangerous
Photo by Dari lli / Unsplash

I was watching S.W.A.T. tonight and I encountered a hilarious part within a very tense moment in S06E11: Atonement. The team were trying to defuse a bomb that was in a Ukranian church in Los Angeles, and the supposed 4 digit passcode for disarming the explosive was the date of Russia's Victory Day, which is 9th May.

Of course, they figure out the date quickly in the last 30 seconds, but when they entered the digits '0509' it didn't work. After a few seconds of bafflement, Hondo says in the radio: "Try the European date, enter it as '0905'". And, it works. The day is saved.

As a developer who hit the date format issues many times in his life before, I howled with laughter. The idiotic date format used in USA was almost the cause of death of the main characters of the TV series.