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'The Acolyte’ Is Terrible

I’m not a very big Star Wars fan, but I did watch my fair share of the SW universe. The show ‘The Acolyte’ is plain terrible.
'The Acolyte’ Is Terrible

Revenge of the Sith is one of my favourite movies, especially the final fight between Anakin and Obi-Wan. The technicality of the lightsaber fight is fantastic, though Anakin embracing the dark side was not very convincing. (Honestly, how could Anakin slaughter those younglings? He was portrayed as a good man in distress, not a maniac.)

But The Acolyte is terrible. The story weaving is not compelling, and the characters are uninteresting. The story is weak, and the Jedi are portrayed as quite dull. The only thing that’s making me watch is the promise of the dark side as they have cookies.

It feels like it is being made to milk the SW fans’ money. I can’t justify the production when I put it side by side with Ashoka. Now, that show was awesome. Not because of Rosario Dawson’s fantastic portrayal of Ashoka Tano but also because the character development was great, and the dark powers of the witches were more interesting. However, I found the character Sabine Wren annoying.

I’m just continuing to watch The Acolyte just because I’m bored and have a Disney+ subscription. That’s all.

(By the time I’m writing this, the IMDB score of The Acolyte is 3.5/10, which I think is more than fair.)