I’m a big fan of tactical military movies and TV series, and I prefer them to the emotional, heroic ones. I’m also a fan of Chris Hemsworth’s acting, and watching the Extraction made me remember how much I enjoy these tactical adventures.

Recently watching the S.W.A.T. film (with Colin Farrell) and being utterly disappointed, this film restored my faith in Hollywood and Netflix. The way they use handguns similar to knife fight in close quarters with precision shooting is spectacular. When combined with the dynamic cinematography and the continuous shots (similar to those brain-fuckingly-awesome the Uncut Gems) makes it very mind-blowing.

I knew Hemsworth was good in build and owns a physical training app, etc. but I don’t think he utilised his full capabilities in the Thor or Avengers movies. The way he moves and shoots in the Extraction, the endurance needed to make those scenes, I can’t even fathom.

Hemsworth just made himself my new favourite action film actor. I can’t wait to watch the second film in the franchise.